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Edward C. Nurre and Robert Hobson

We are deeply committed to our community. E.C. Nurre Funeral Homes, with locations in Amelia, Bethel and New Richmond, serves families in Southwestern Ohio. Our goal is to serve each family individually, personally and compassionately with highly trained funeral professionals.

This web site was developed for you, to provide information on current services and assist with funeral needs. Please feel free to contact us for further information or specific questions at 513-753-6130.

Name Service Date Location Details
Chad Andrew Trammell 8/6/2015 Amelia View
Andrew G. Kappes 8/5/2015 New Richmond View
Austin Anderson 8/5/2015 Bethel View
Roy J. Tabeling 8/4/2015 Bethel View
Sister Sandy Bates, osu 8/4/2015 Bethel View
Andrew Thomas Whaley 8/4/2015 Amelia View
George Michael Petri 8/3/2015 Amelia View
Glenda Mae Horton 8/3/2015 Amelia View
Elizabeth Ann Jett 8/1/2015 Amelia View
Ashley Nicole Goodman-Martin 8/1/2015 Amelia View
Ronald J. Chyzy 8/1/2015 St. Bernadette Church View
Loretta M. Flint 7/31/2015 Amelia View
Orin L. Mabry 7/30/2015 Amelia View
Debbie Brumley 7/29/2015 Bethel View
Helen E. Linville 7/28/2015 Amelia View
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